About Us


Hi! My name is Catie and I am the owner of Sweet Stems. To say this has been a dream of mine for quite some time would be a slight understatement. About 3 years ago, I said to my husband, “I want to start a flower business!” Unsure of what exactly that meant, we both knew that it would eventually happen when it was supposed to happen. So, although the timing was not right at the time, the seed had been planted in both of our heads. Fast forward to early 2018 when I finally decided to plant the actual seeds and start growing my own flowers. Once that first zinnia bloomed to its fullest, I was hooked.

Thanks to the tremendous support of my husband, Jamie, we finally decided together that now is the right time. However, let’s be honest here, our life is hectic and full and seemingly unbalanced at any given time. However, here are the things about making dreams come true, you have to take the leap and be willing to embrace the chaos. You have to be okay with having roller coaster rides of emotions. You have to be willing to hear the word, “no” more than hearing the positive remarks and encouragement. You have to trust yourself that your purpose and mission in life is the driving force behind your crazy idea. So, here we are today.

So, why flowers?! After graduating college, I immediately started my own wedding and event planning business. I grew that business for 5 years while simultaneously getting married, moving several times, buying homes, and growing my family (2 kids – Grant & Luke). In 2015, I decided to sell that company and focus on my family and embrace the chaos that comes with two little boys who were on the brink of school and sports and field trips and more. Somewhere during tat time frame (2015 – 2018), as many women who go from working full time to becoming a stay at home moms do, I lost myself. I lost Catie. I struggled everyday with the typical, “Who am I any more?” “What am I going to do when both kids are in school all day?” “I want my boys to see me work hard for something, and create something beautiful for others to enjoy, but what?” Enter…flowers! I have always LOVED flowers. There is just something so sweet and refreshing about a fresh cut stem and a fragrant bouquet of blooms. They make you smile, they make you pause and see beauty. I want that for me everyday and I want that for you, too.

The mission behind the subscription service, flower truck and fresh arrangements is to create the opportunity for people to pause, to do something for themselves (there is no shame in buying yourself flowers just like there is no shame in buying yourself that fancy cup of coffee) or others. Love yourself and those around you. I truly believe that we are made to build each other up, to encourage each other, to be there for each other. I see so much beauty in flowers and I want you to see that beauty, too. 

So, if you see me around town, stop and say hello! Grab yourself or someone you know a bouquet and enjoy life.

-xoxo, Catie